About the name

The emotional experience of scent, occurs in the right side of the brain, often referred to as the "psyche" [ sahy-kee ]. The psyche, another word for "soul", is the realm of emotion and imagination.

When olfactory stimulation engages the total brain, a mental dance begins between feelings, thoughts, associations, and desires.

Our brand's purpose is to bring this joyous experience to life through our candles and carefully curated fragrance collections.

Luxurious but not pretentious

Our approach to luxury is focused on the scent filling your space. It is layered, complex, sophisticated, and there is nothing phony or fake about it. Luxury, for our brand, is about high-quality materials, clean fragrances, natural waxes, and just a great burning candle. Our goal is to share this high-quality scent experience with you at an approachable price.

Our Business

Scent and Psyche is a small woman-owned business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our candles are hand-poured in small batches with obsessive attention to quality.
When you purchase from our business, you also support other well-scrutinized U.S. based companies where our materials and production supplies are purchased.

Our Promise

Clean scents - our products will never contain phthalates or any harmful toxins. Ingredients and materials are carefully considered and selected based on these criteria.

Responsible Choices: Materials are selected based on overall impact of their production and use. All of our packaging is made from recycled, compostable, or recyclable materials.

If you receive shipping peanuts in your order - they are compostable and break down in water.

If you receive bubble wrap, know that it has been recycled.

Responsible Design with Circular Intent: Our products are not meant to be disposable. We ask that you re-use and recycle our containers for whatever purpose you choose.

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