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Scent and Psyche

Tiburon Scented Candle

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Tiburon will transport you to the sunny and blustery shores of San Francisco Bay. Earthy notes of teakwood, amber, and sea moss are brightened by agave, acai, and passionflower. North Coast meets Central Coast in this richly complex signature scent.

Top: agave, bergamot

Middle: sea moss

Base: teakwood and amber

Net weight 15 oz/425g

70 hour burn time

Coconut soy wax blend; crackling wood wick

Glass vessel; bamboo Lid - Made In China

Hand-poured in the USA

* Trim your wick to remove excess charred wood after burning. We recommend keeping wick length at 3/8”- 1/2" in length.

*This candle may create a slight tunnel while burning during the first few hours of use. The surface will even out as it continues to burn further down the jar.

* Ensure that your candle is placed on a heat-safe surface.

* Do not allow wick trimmings, dust, or other materials to accumulate in the wax pool.

* To ensure safety and longevity, be sure to check the bottom of your candle for additional instructions, including details on when to discontinue use.